Raising beef on grass in Jackson Hole

While most American cattle are trucked across the country to feedlots, we've created a closed system for raising and selling beef in Jackson Hole. Our cows are born, raised, and butchered locally, they only eat grass, and are never given antibiotics or added hormones.  

We choose to raise grassfed beef because we think it’s better for people and better for the land. We are lucky enough to ranch in one of the few places with the perfect combination of the mineral-rich grasses and abundant clean water that cows need to grow. We don't need to ship our cows across the country to eat grain in a feedlot.  

Grassfed beef is also healthier for you. Compared to grain fed beef, grassfed beef has 80 percent less fat, 30 percent less saturated fat, 5 times the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids, 4 times the amount of vitamin E and 10 times the amount of vitamin A. Grassfed beef is also high in antioxidants and contains CLA that has been proven to enhance muscle growth, reduce the chance of heart disease, and lower cancer risk. 

Raising grassfed beef is also better for the cows. As opposed to grainfed cows that are fed high-calorie food and growth hormones while crammed into crowded pens, grassfed cows get to mature naturally, get to roam free in their pastures eating a natural diet of grasses, and live twice as long.

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97% of beef in the US is shipped to a feedlot and grain fed

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