Commonly Asked Questions About Purchasing Steers

Q: How much does a whole, half or quarter cow cost?

Lockhart Cattle charges $5.50 per pound of hanging weight (carcass weight). All processing costs are included in this price. 

The average cost of a whole steer is $3,500 and will yield about 350-400 pounds of meat. A half steer costs approximately $1,700 and will yield about 175-200 pounds of meat. The average cost of a quarter steer is $850 and will yield about 85-100 pounds of meat. 

Q: How much space will the beef take up?

A whole steer, approximately 350 pounds, will take up 11 cubic feet of freezer space. A half steer, about 175 pounds, will take up 5.5 cubic feet of freezer space. A quarter steer will yield about 85-90 pounds of meat and take up 2.75 cubic feet of freezer space.

Please note, the average home refrigerator includes approximately 5 cubic feet of freezer space. Chest freezers range in size from 5 to 21 cubic feet. Upright freezers range in size from 13 to 21 cubic feet.

Q: What kind of cuts of beef will I receive with my purchase?

It’s up to you! When you place your order, we’ll work with you to come up with the perfect butcher order to meet your needs. Choose from brisket, short ribs, boneless chuck roast, boneless chuck steaks, mock tender roast, petite tender roast, skirt steaks, flat iron steaks, shoulder roast, bone-in rib steaks, sirloin top roast, top round steaks, bottom round steaks, eye of round roast, sirloin steaks, sirloin breakfast steaks, tri-tip, flank steaks, T-bone steaks, porterhouse steaks, burger meat as well as broth and marrow bones. 

Q: Is there a recommended or standard cut order?

While we are happy to accommodate your cooking and family needs, there are standard cut recommendations for whole, half or quarter steers. Please inquire when making your purchase.

A sample of the standard cut for a quarter cow is:

½ Brisket = 1 package, 3.83 total pounds

Short Ribs = 3 packages, 4.19 total pounds

Boneless Chuck Roast = 2 roasts, 8.3 total pounds

Stew Meat = 5 packages, 5 total pounds

Skirt Steak = 1 steak, 1 total pound

Flat Iron Steak = 2 steaks, 1 total pound

Shoulder Roast = 1 package, 3.87 total pounds

Rib-eye steaks:

1 ¼” Boneless Rib Steak = 6 steaks, 4 total pounds


1 ¼’” Bone-in Rib Steak = 6 steaks, 4.8 total pounds

Sirloin Tip Roast = 1-2 packages, 4.5 total pounds

1” Top Round Steak = 9 steaks, 4 total pounds

Bottom Round Roast = 2 packages, 2.74 total pounds

Eye of Round Roast = 1 package, 1.9 total pounds

1” Sirloin Steak = 3 steaks, 2.23 total pounds

1” Sirloin Breakfast Steak = 2 steaks, .6 total pounds

Tri-Tip = 1 package, .9 total pounds

Flank Steak = 1 steak, .85 total pounds

Short loin:

1 ¼” New York Steak = 7 steaks, 4 total pounds

2” Tenderloin Steaks = 4 Steaks, 1.8 Total pounds


1 ¼” T-Bone Steak = 5 steaks, 4.2 total pounds

1 ¼ ” Porter House Steak = 2 steaks, 1.8 total pounds

Broth Bones = 2-3, 5.16 total pounds

Marrow Bones = 3-4, 2.43 total pounds

Burger Meat = 43.77 pounds


TOTAL COST = $882.50

*Weights & costs are approximate and based on a 321 pound quarter carcass.

Q: How is the beef packaged? Is each item/steak wrapped individually?

Beef is vacuum sealed to ensure freshness and can be packaged individually or for two, three or four people. 

Q: How long will the beef in my freezer be good for?

Up to one year, according to USDA recommendations. 

Q: How long will it take to receive my beef upon ordering?

All our cattle are born, raised and butchered right here in Jackson Hole. To ensure the freshest quality product, our steers are butchered to order and take approximately four weeks to be ready for customer pick-up. 

Still have questions? Shoot us an email at or call us at 307.730.7424.